Our Services


Our Process

Waters, Parkerson & Co., LLC operates as an independent, employee-owned Registered Investment Advisor. Our team of advisors act as fiduciaries making investment and financial planning recommendations in the best interest of our clients. Using a fee-only business model without commissions or hidden costs for professional services, our business interests are directly aligned with those of the clients that we serve.

Our client relationships are built through trust. Waters, Parkerson & Co.’s sound investment and financial planning advice allows our clients to be comfortable with all financial aspects of their lives. Through in-depth client and family meetings, our advisors develop a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy to meet our clients’ objectives.

Once a financial plan, investment approach and asset allocation is agreed upon, Waters, Parkerson & Co. uses a conservative, long-term and diversified investment philosophy to build personalized client investment portfolios and provide sound financial planning advice. Since each client has different financial needs, risk tolerances and portfolio goals, our investment advisors actively manage each client portfolio themselves to ensure success as well as to meet our clients’ expectations.

Investment Management

Waters, Parkerson & Co., LLC’s investment philosophy is conservative with an emphasis on diversification of assets and preservation of capital. Our relationship-based approach allows a comprehensive understanding of clients’ financial and wealth objectives. Through an active portfolio management process, our advisors use a disciplined, long-term, unemotional and independent investment approach to develop personalized and tax-efficient investment portfolios.

Our team of investment advisors are managing individual stocks and bonds on behalf of our clients. Waters, Parkerson & Co.’s proven success in personalized investment services is achieved through an in-depth, strategic financial management process.

The equity portion of the portfolio should produce capital appreciation augmented by dividend income through a diverse portfolio of companies with primarily large capitalizations, strong fundamentals, outstanding management, and a history of earnings growth. Our equity strategy includes:

  • Bottom-up stock selection with a focus on undervalued companies that will experience long-term secular change
  • Diversified individual stock selections to eliminate unnecessary risk of concentrating on a narrow array of companies or industries
  • Emphasis on long-term investment approach with in-depth analysis separating short term volatility from fundamental changes
  • Investment Committee is responsible for research, analysis and on-going monitoring of equity holdings
  • Holdings include growth, value and yield oriented equities that are leaders in their respective industries

The fixed income portion of the portfolio should produce maximum current income with safety of principal. Our advisors stress current income over potential appreciation and attempt to insulate the fixed income portfolio by the following:

  • Diversification of holdings across the intermediate term yield curve
  • Staggering maturities equally within the portfolio to provide annual reinvestment opportunities
  • Selecting from Corporate, Agency and Municipal bonds
  • Analysis of historical yield spreads
  • Adherence to client specific investment objectives and guidelines
  • Continued monitoring of credit ratings

Financial Planning

Waters, Parkerson & Co.’s financial planning services can provide clients the information needed to ask the right questions and make the necessary decisions in all financial aspects of their lives. Our advisors offer objective advice on:

The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the specific requests and needs of the client. Waters Parkerson does not serve as an attorney, accountant or insurance agent. Waters Parkerson does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

Fee Structure

The Investment Advisor Fee is a percentage of the market value of assets under our supervision. Fees are calculated and deducted quarterly, based on the market value of the supervised assets at the end of the prior quarter, using the following rates:


On the first $1,000,000 1% (.01000)
From $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 3/4 of 1% (.00750)
Over $5,000,000 1/2 of 1% (.00500)


The above fee schedule is subject to a minimum annual fee of $10,000.00.